CT Good Governance On WDRC Re: Approval Of Union Contracts

Dan Lovallo, host of WDRC’s “CT on the Hill,” kindly invited me on his show yesterday to discuss my recent post on the possible constitutional problems with the “deemed approval” of collective bargaining agreements. “Deemed approval” refers to the process by which a CBA is submitted to the legislature and becomes law if the legislature fails to reject it within 30 days. My post argues that allowing CBAs to become law without the affirmative vote of a majority of both houses of the legislature may constitute an unlawful delegation of the legislature’s lawmaking authority to the executive branch, i.e., the governor. Click here to listen to my discussion with Dan.

CT Good Governance Influences Debate Over SEEC Settlement

The recent settlement between the State Elections Enforcement Commission and the Connecticut Democratic Party has spawned numerous articles, columns and op-eds.  Opinion concerning the settlement is divided; some folks support the settlement, while others, including this site, have been critical of it.  The following are links to the articles and columns discussing, supporting or criticizing the settlement.  An asterisk next to the link indicates that the article or column discusses the position this site took against the settlement:

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Gov’t Process Ain’t Sexy–But It Matters

The Hartford Business Journal has this op-ed, by yours truly, on the importance of reforming the rules governing decision-making processes in government. Money quote:

Debating the qualifications of candidates and the merits of their policy proposals is interesting, even fascinating. By contrast, process just ain’t very sexy. Yet, as an ingredient of good government, the rules that govern the decision-making process are every bit as important as personalities and policies. All three “P’s” — people, policy and process — matter.