CT Good Governance On WDRC Re: Approval Of Union Contracts

Dan Lovallo, host of WDRC’s “CT on the Hill,” kindly invited me on his show yesterday to discuss my recent post on the possible constitutional problems with the “deemed approval” of collective bargaining agreements. “Deemed approval” refers to the process by which a CBA is submitted to the legislature and becomes law if the legislature fails to reject it within 30 days. My post argues that allowing CBAs to become law without the affirmative vote of a majority of both houses of the legislature may constitute an unlawful delegation of the legislature’s lawmaking authority to the executive branch, i.e., the governor. Click here to listen to my discussion with Dan.

3 thoughts on “CT Good Governance On WDRC Re: Approval Of Union Contracts

  1. Dan,

    Great interview; I wonder if a group of citizens can challenge the Deemed Approval for contracts in the courts?

    Can it be said that their rights as citizens are being violating by not having their representatives vote on the contracts?

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  2. Dan – Very interesting interview. Have any of these agreements ever been voted on by the legislature? Who has the authority to call a vote anyway?

    I would love to see this issue further pursued. I think your argument has a lot of merit.



    • Marcie, Thanks for your kind note. In the distant past, I am told it was usual and customary to actually vote on the contracts. But that has not been the case for many years. “Deemed approved” is the way things have been for a long time. The power to force a vote on a contact lies with leadership in the House and Senate. Significantly, recent news reports state that the Senate will vote on the proposed pension reform bill on Feb. 1. There are also rumors that the House will vote too. Both good developments.


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