CT’s Government Could Use An Overhaul

The Hartford Courant kindly printed my op-ed calling for a citizens’ constitutional convention to review the blueprint of our state government and propose amendments to improve how government works and makes decisions.  Here are the opening paragraphs:

A half-century has passed since Nutmeggers last gathered in Hartford for a state constitutional convention. It is time for them to gather again to review the blueprint of our state government.

What kinds of changes could a convention consider? Here are a few proposals I would like debated:

Should we have a full-time legislature? Do we really need a bicameral legislature? Should legislators be ineligible for re-election if the state budget increases by more than a certain amount (say 3 percent) each year? Should the constitution allow recall elections? Referendums and initiatives? Should we have term limits?

2 thoughts on “CT’s Government Could Use An Overhaul

  1. Hey Dan,

    Great op-ed; hopefully it generates some visibility and interest for your blog.

    The idea on a convention sounds really good; esp in the Constitution State.

    Not sure how I feel about recalls (think they can become burdensome) but wouldn’t mind seeing more ballot initiatives.

    Keep up the great work!


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